Closing Out 2011

How can an individual describe an experience like life itself?  Earth Year 2011 has been quite a journey and proven to me that anything is possible.  From the conscious surrender of letting go of personal possessions and following my heart to follow my highest intentional path, I’ve faced and let down numerous challenges this year.  Simply put, 2011 has been the best year of my life yet.  By losing everything on multiple occasions, lessons have been downloaded into my being.  The power of my intention has taught me numerous Jedi mind-tricks to flow around this planet in the grounded clouds. With these tools under present study, I hope to offer some light of inflection through my experiences of growth.

  • Considerations of non-attachment to external stimuli, possessions & outcomes
  • Importance of friends and stable communities of people
  • Relevance of love & relationships and a reflection into my own
  • Following your bliss to create financial opportunities which correlates with your heart

The intention of me taking time to document my life and share this with you are several fold.  Each person I’ve met has created & added tremendous value into my life.  Each person that reads this may be blessed with the knowledge of my words, the expansive love from my heart and the privilege of the sight to see things as they exist.  Taking pride in my ability to be a human, I choose to be transparent and celebrate my losses & gains with the community around me.  Only together may we ascend to a space where wars are non-existent, food is abundant, celebrations are plentiful (for all) – life REALLY is whatever we make it.

Together let’s make our Earth ship rockin – that journey continues and accelerates in 2012