Join the Club!

What is the EOW Club?

You are excited about playing and exploring new botanical essences and don’t know where to begin?  I’m feeling incredibly creative and inspired to share my offering of this new concept: A monthly membership Essential Oil Wizardry Club!  Every month I will personally craft a remarkable package to share with our loyal members.   The more members we have, the more pronounced the packages will grow with incredible essences with time.  This option assures a steady flow of revenue to order more product each month to share with our growing aromatic community. Imagine, with just 100 members at the starting at the Young Mage Membership that will be $4,900 (less shipping/bottling/product costs) a month to invest into new products and projects to share amongst our collective family. Help us to achieve our humble goal of just 111 members by the end of 2014 today!

We will cover the shipping costs using your monthly donation.  Your commitment may be canceled by you at any point prior to monthly shipment for any reason by either party. Your happiness is our joy ~

Month #1 – December 2014

EO of the Month – Blood Orange
Wizard Alchemy – InVigor
EO Tincture – Oral Krishna
Essential Oil Blend Concentrate – Trinity
Massage Oil – Geranium Massage
Docta’s Pick – 10 mL Frankincense CO2 + 10 mL Myrrh CO2

Month #2 – January 2015

EO of the Month – Rose-Geranium
Wizard Alchemy – Pain Relief ICE (Therapeutic Formula)
EO Tincture – Cosmic Orgasm *It’s That Good!*
Essential Oil Blend Concentrate – Digestive Blend
Massage Oil – Vanilla & Cocoa
Docta’s Pick – 10 mL Calamus Root CO2 extract

Month #3 – February 2015

EO of the Month – Peppermint
Wizard Alchemy – Purity or Psychic Protection (Ceremonial Creation)
EO Tincture – Psychic Protection
Essential Oil Blend Concentrate – Citrus Blast
Massage Oil – Frankincense & Citrus Blast (?)
Docta’s Pick  – 1 Dram of Hawaiian Sandalwood

Month #4 – March 2015

EO of the Month – Nutmeg (Steam Distilled or CO2 Select)
Wizard Alchemy – Moon Cycle or Pain Relief ICE (Therapeutic)
EO Tincture – Spark!
Essential Oil Blend Concentrate – New Creation (TBD)
Massage Oil – TBD
Docta’s Pick – Opoponax 10 mL

Shipping Logistics

Products will be shipped mid month (13-21st). Your monthly membership will start taking place the following month: orders must be received in the previous month to be mailed by the monthly shipping date. For example, memberships initiated July 21st, will ship out August 13-21st.  First shipment will occur mid August – get involved today ~ Your favorite Wizard is excited to share his offerings with you and your community!

Sacred Donation $11

  • We Believe in the Vision!

Initiate Membership $25

  • Generous Donation
  • No Strings Attached!

Young Mage Membership $49

  • EO Oil of the Month
  • Wizard Alchemy

Apprentice Magician $69

  • EO Oil of the Month
  • Wizard Alchemy
  • EO Tincture

Creative Alchemist $99

  • EO Oil of the Month
  • Wizard Alchemy
  • EO Tincture
  • EO Blend Concentrate
  • 10% off Discount Code (valid during Membership)

Jedi Wizard $111

  • EO Oil of the Month
  • Wizard Alchemy
  • EO Tincture
  • EO Blend Concentrate
  • Massage Oil
  • Docta’s Pick(s) of the Month
  • 10% off Discount Code (valid during Membership)