Weekend At Lucidity Festival

What does it mean to give back to the community? Sometimes you have to give more than you believe you are capable of to get receive it all back ~ in new exciting ways:

Without expectations and open to the infinite potential, life has spiraled magickal vortexes around my very being in Santa Barbara this previous weekend. A valuable lesson of ebb & flow has been truly delivered to my heart & physical reality – for the first time, I dedicated my experience from the festi to the service of others. This dedication has allowed a new openness and hopefully a more succinct direction for my immediate future.

A new project was launched this journey, as the booth Conscious Bartending was served to the community in Santa Barbara (www.ConsciousBartending.com).  This weekend I shared magic elixirs (essential oil infused water), superfood blends, natural supplements and kept immunity high amongst our family of creative beings keeping people healthy, happy & vibrant. The energy came was developed with an intention to shift over 100+ peoples lives forever with an openness to receive and develop abundant mutualistic beneficial business relationships through the work. Allowing beauty to be created between my being and the Divine Feminine, all intentions were served this weekend. Well, I counted 37 people on the positive shift mark and I’m open to the possibility that I indeed reached one hundred both directly & indirectly ~

Feel free to comment on this note if you or someone you know was positively affected by my work this weekend!

This weekend, I learned a substantial lesson – the energy you put out is far matched back, especially in a high energy conscious community. Setting clear intentions has allowed the field of possibilities to deliver that right back ~ coming from a background of struggle and fear has given me an opportunity to reflect life in a different light, to see that when people come together ~ ALL is available. Growing up, I have feared that I will not always have all that I need for survival & thrival – seeing this limiting thought and pushing through it, I’ve seen the importance of developing nurturing relationships with other light beings. Together, we are capable of rebuilding the lands and absorbing the energy of the stars. Without hestiation, I choose to make a commitment to serve the community for which I stand – HUMANITY.

I recognize where I have previously failed to play my role and forgive myself for believing in the illusion of fear & scarcity. Today, I choose to be a little more generous into the communities which support me, allowing energy to keep spinning through my vessel as it needs. I own not the possessions from this planet, simply circulate them with a succint style and smile on my face. My heart was touched as I gave back to people I love so much – our human race. As I move forward, I allow the Universe to continue to direct me in the highest direction of service & joy while I continue to change this planet and have bundles of fun living ~ Today I press forward full of trust that all tools will be provided to me and infinite possibilities are around the corner in the time/space of now. With that trust, I do my best to ask for help and provide it when I’m capable as we sort through a new paradigm of abundance, expansion and clarity.

Thanks for reading this and here is an incomplete list of AWESOMENESS, an energy flow reflection from the physical realm to reflect the magick of the weekend ~

Gifts received:

Multiple hand-strung necklaces

A Geniune Love

4 pieces of artwork from visionary artist Lorenzo Minaca!

White sage, fresh picked

Heart Healing

Generous Donations

Fancy tablecloth

Multiple crystals & stones

Vitamins & natural supplements

Excellent massage

Sexy dance(s)



4 Hand Stress balls to align cohesion between my two brain hemispheres

A Goddess to Love


Gifts given:

Dr. Nick’s Magic Mouthwash

Multiple Toothbrushes

Crystals & stones

Vitamins & natural supplements

Morning snugglesnuggle ~

Hundreds of Hugs

Magic Elixirs (www.ConsciousBartending.com)

Health & Wellness

Superfood Blends

Laughs, Smiles & Yummy!