Welcome to my experience from Burning Man 2011, theme: Rites of Passage. What an epic burn!  I felt honored to write about the first portion of Burning Man 2011 to share with the world.  Hope you can take some of these lessons and apply them to your day-to-day life, if they are helpful to you :-)

This is not a linear story… this is Burning Man ~


Burning Man – Be Extraordinary

Trying to textualize Burning Man unto words inscribed into the spirit of the essence beyond the meaning of being. A journey into the self: mind, body, and semi-matter states lead to realms of humanities creative expression. Holding no attachment to my ego, this is my tale of personal journeys, struggles, mental & emotional exploration allowing my self to be opened up by the energies that be: resonate the words… Playa ~
Present to the ability to discern different energetic frequencies, the writings are presented as the Universe’s art project through a physical manifestation of Dr. Nick – this is a metaphysical inscription of history which has occurred with the interpretations in a sense to explain Burning Man to the non rational mind.  I’m grateful for your interest to expressing your finest self – may you continue to be blessed by the words to which you are about to read <3
Beg. In. Ing
Preparing for Burning Man always invites intention. One month abstinence of all mental distractions – no sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll – can it be worth it? Words which are included thus far are play on words and often concepts – life should not be taken at face value and either will these paragraphs. Read into the experience in between the lines that don’t exist… recognize that nature does not have straight lines. Why should man?
Getting Ready
What do I need to survive on the playa? Trader Joes nutrition, 1+ gallon
H2O per day, tent, inflatable mattress, mummy bag, radical costumes of expressionful being, Himayalan Rock Salt – gift loads of it. LEDs to wear – do NOT BE A DARKWAD ~ Goggles & Bandanas for dust storms – didn’t we get spoiled in 2011 with the tremendous weather? :-)
Love – endless supplies of it. Cardboard boxes to paint on & make beautiful sign-inscriptions of bliss to share. ~ Love Hugs ~ Sign
DARKWAD defined: being of light whose radiance cannot be seen in the darkness due to lack of bright flashing LEDs
Place the intention to be open, remain open, stay open and promote openness with a space for healing all throughout the playagonal sphereground. Mix around with a spruce of apple cider vinegar, probiotics to assist with digestion. for those dayathons of festie-flow minus sleep + fun (epic heapings)
Burning Man Portal – 00-000000–111111: GALACTIVATION
There is no place, nor is there really any-time.
This is presence. Play. Joy.
Reminding you of what you already know deep inside of yourself.
Reflections. Pain. Release. Ecstasy ~ Moments of Fleeting Synchronicities
Infinite Possibilities – honor yourself, be rewarded!
~ Radically Self-Reliant ~ Bring your WATER ~
The journey began eons ago with the snapshot on a being of expression, one “Dr. Nick”. Truly I do my greatest to be the love in the world I wish to see. Daily we see reflections: Give thanks. Craigslist found a burner looking for a ride – the good docta had self + 1… now. Enter Pipo, traveler extraordinare. Quite a lovely troll you have there at this gas station. Shell. San Francisco. Go time, NOW. Backpack = CamelPak – perfect purple contraption for life young burner. Go NOW!
Drive. Tired. Worn from my fressless life of presents, presence and desire to share. Boundaries do not exist, we have created them. Allowed to rest, wary traveler drives freeways well. Sleep. Mexican decantor – food – does it exist? Placing intention into your food with blessings, prayer and laughter allows for correction of a previously non-pure intent material for stomach ingestion slander. Sooooo mucccccch appreciation for fish tacos. Headed to deep playa. Constipation.
Gas station in Reno. I’m open to the possibility that this food poisoning let’s go of me. One month of pure intentions – ready to release any and all prior judgments of non-space. Goddess appears. Manifest she says. Stomach better within Hours of ours. Pain leaves the system; which system if they are all interconnectedinterwovenintersected ~ we can all win.
Create this as the intent!
Group Consciousness Intention for 2011 by Dr. Nick: To create a healing, playful space allowing growth & restore for others. Provide more for the playa than the playa provides to me. Recognize the fallacy. Appreciate the solid law of the Universe – what you put out, you receive. On a subconscious level, I intended to blast the Playa with healing lovefunjivetingleyumminess… so I too can receive – selfish?
Walmart – I shopped for H2O – let go of judgments. Self-forgiveness. Story of a Ginger. Can I say? Nice shirt. I have a gift for you! What’s your name? Dr. Nick. OMG. Sage ~ phone call now. This ripple of time exists as a fractal memory of appreciation for a long lost friend. Getting lost in the pussy palace, receiving drinks of nourishing abundance. Snuggle, cuddle, puddle, cozy. Don’t want to leave. We never have to stop Burning…
~ Flow ~ Honor It!
I do my best to be transparent. I’m human. Please Love Me for my integrity & highest intentions. Flow Docta
Drive. Pitch black. Genuine Tickets. Signs inscribed on the side of the road. Channel. Be a story. There is only one. After another. Walk drive. Carsurfing is a hoot-tastic opportunity. Blessings flow-dancing parallel a moving vehicle with galactic speeds of nine. 9MPH – go. “You look so serious – mad scientist”. I’m quite blissed out of my gourd – welcome home dusty playa~er.
Hours in line. Dusty Roads – didn’t meet her before or after I met the hills of extravagance. Radio operator I heard Mary exclaim. Car lights of virtuous patience Virgins? Not I – get out of the car & roll people. Troll Doctor Evolution and non-time progresses through parallel stories. Love the dust, receive the map. Rites of Passage. Holy Shit. Epic E-Turnity of a lifetime capacity intrawoven with being. Photos are to be added now:
Late camp. Unload orphans. Lost orphan camp #1, 2, 3, 4… new friends at 4am. People gifts me some additional water. Important message regarding water in the below divine flow. Radiant heart Masaru Emoto water crystals of gratitude. Purge – release of energy allows for fresh energy to reincompass compassionately forgiving time for all sin of tears.
Playa bike illuminates the way home to the RV. 3:45 + D, Harmonic Convergence. Divine Timing of course. Tent pitched in the AM, now for RV restitude. Hugs to People, I will see you after Burning Man – welcome to our Rites of Passage. More NOW
Reinvent yourself.
Awake early, integrate with the dusty. Sandy unpacking of royal exhaustion – perhaps more sleep in default world is necessary to bring my highest self out. Group preparation, awaiting for 7 more… 2 RVs. Camp – family. Pathfinder blowing in the wind, weather deceives of paradise – welcome home she whispers – water… unpack. Tent awake, mattress blown, unpack clothes & nutrients a-splendor. To rebar or not to rebar… that is a terminal question – NOT for the solution. Paradise reminders.
Re-life unfolded, time to play. Frolic on the sand? Saffron whispers we ride to Fractal Nation. In the flow. Kissing booth – tis quite early in the week… construction town, construction city. Build, wait, kiss – such a love state of NOW. Truly all that is.  A flow down D – or was it E? White Trash Superstars – prejudices arise. Beautiful woman serving iced lemonade – prejudices open for judgment. Conversation <3 – a gift of pure Himayalan salt. Yes, 84 minerals & electrolytes – just what the body needs.
Barbie Death Camp – what is torture?
Mutilation it seems, an expression it is. Creativity has no ends nor bounds – gruesome is in eye of the beholder, as is judgment. Heart expansion whispers the truth in all situations. Time to flow… Fractal Nation.
Tree Mama to build iridescent dome after loving hug. Quite a sight to behold – large expansive palace in the desert, only the beginning of what is to manifest. Charles Chieftain, holding it down balls deep. Viewing the tribal ancient knowledge reencompassed with technology infused with intention of sharing, gifting, loving. Biodome of bliss. Puma: ritual space – beginning & end… spherical. Regimented time exists in the playa realm of semi-presence. Infinite possibilities in the now: be present. Wallace be good, always a pleasure. Enjoying five MALTs with the encampment, gift of new splendor & joy in the desert. Lemonade is a big gift. Bike is left, Vine Goddess is manifested as the name is later earned.
Yum Sauce Lounge. Open to the possibility that I too live here. Home, a space deemed Playa. Architecture reflects deep sacred geometry, new lessons apparent at camp breakdown. Cuddle spot, warm blankets, pillows and love-tainted rugs make for tantric ecstatic explosions. Rugged leather, varnished clothing – sense of being, no exhausting ego – difference. Do is not allowed, relax and be. Distractions abundant, 15 minute walk home ~ flow ~ flow ~ Enter lovely Joanna, Courtney & Awno divine synchronicity of course. Bikes. Hugs. Conversations of noted presence. We sing, dance, photopportunity. Still remember the camp was in E… which time sequence on the clock-globe? <3 <3 <3
Walking, more distractions, present to the heat, dryness. Street posts – there are only no strippers. Perhaps it is daytime; what is decadence? Set the intention and light it on fire. Dusty travels walking forward through space, energy envelopes pressing forward. Set it on fire, release old intention – that which does not serve. Large wooden confides of that which restricts. Fuck you. Forgiveness. *Tear* I appreciate myself for being so brave & standing up for truth, justice and humanitarian liberty which lives in my heart. Walk – Center. Man. Tall.
En route to the man. Deep intention. Tall wooden structures surround the center structure MAN, perfect symmetry underneath – define perfect symmetry. Manifestation a Creation of that which is to burn – no existent transferral of energy of exchange. To burn all this wood is not ecofriendly. On the contrary… we set people free.
Nese, burn the situation away. May you be blessed despite recent disfortune – you are loved. Mother, allow the light to wrap you tight & forgive any past tarnishes – there is only love to share, in truck-loads. Letting go of that which does not serve, making space for that which is compelling & whole. Distrust for self and incapacities to shift the world’s challenges in a single day… I love and respect myself, my work, my community. I AM GOD, a perfect, imperfection of synchronistic events – perhaps I am only a vessel: and that’s okay. Much healing to provide *tear*
Thirst speaks to my inner core… inner whisper. It’s okay to drink. Ration is not a rationale, you forget the playa commands your survival. Glug. It’s time to climb. Staff is friendly. Gratitude for the work you do – a gift of electric life ~ salt, “SOL” physical grounding, electrolyte rehabilitation medicine gift from the Universe in your mouth. Acceptance to climb. Journey begins – Rites of Passage. What are you grateful for?
Steps gratifying life as each step goes higher. Random conversation. One foot to the left, Vine Goddess by the side. What is the passage of continuation – who is this MAN? What does he represent – broken, inconsistent structures which fall & break, confines for what is truth as human development & Universal expansion is continuous. First ring up, burn away my inefficiency failures. Goddamn my electronic failures and my failure to follow-up in a timely manner. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, am I able to take it all away & take it all in. Breathe it in, breathe it away. Higher & higher we climb throughout this journey. A stranger named Life gifts the transpersonal realm of communication – would you like some cold coconut water? Drink hydration healing goodness into the radiant self. Appreciation simply for being present – Himayalan Rock Salt is shared, licked and humbled.

Energy expansion building in paradisal bliss in weather quite complementary to an afternoon stroll in Tekoa (Israel). View upward.
A dysfunctional pen. Manifest #2 – message, intention and prior NOations no longer in my physiology – burn. No attachment. IT is time. View the city, as it grows. Living member, Support from its inhabitants – focus as a unit. Gratitude to the most high, collectively we are the human species ~ flow flow flow. Down the right side. Moment of rest. An Israeli blanket thread leads a comfortable seat for water recharge. 1 gallon each day, next time take heed: this is YOUR Rite of Passage. Phoenix reborn, you are so beautiful – what else would you be?
Besides a detour to a Tantric Sex workshop, where are you? Just a Hee-Bee Gee-Bee Healer – or can you be found in Nectar Village? Openness – a stranger’s kindness to lead the way into light. Have some salt Goddess, lick it right – may you stay hydrated tonight. Enter late, divine flow. Memories unveiled.
What is tantra? Ejaculation? One form of sexual force – multiple levels of blissful yay! Moving sexual energy from pelvic body into higher regions of the system – exploration is possible. Eyegazing, soul-facing memorizing feminine Goddess across from me, strong and pure. Your radiance, heart and physical body attracts me. I am open to forgive you. Women, I know you have done your best to please me and I love & forgive you for the distrust I now feel. Perhaps I can feel safe with you this week. Maybe we will play sexual passion & angled thrusts in multiple shade structures, friendly RVs & geodesic yum domes before our illusion of time is next-ed. Thanks for remaining open. Goddess who is now on top of me, I love you so. Perhaps you should meet my friend whom you’ve disrupted flow over to climb on me. Disoriented from the onset, high energy spun confusion – emotional release, thanks for saying hello ~ Perhaps next time we meet, we will share more presence. I’m grateful to see you, this is not our time to flow together.
Words of truth elaborated between the divine feminine & masculine – is love safe? Passion with multi-colored orgasms can be appreciated between friends through trust and forgiveness. The journey for personal progression is clear. NOW – to feel trust, honor, openness in a safe sexual space with the Divine Feminine expression on the physical plane. To heal, I will sleep with you <3
A camp visit of joy, bliss to remain warm on the PLAYA ~ art is manifested from the stroke of a wanted cardboard box unto the intelligent magic wand of brushes. Our powers remind us we can do ANYTHING! Time for a preparation of warmth – the playa, it doth freeze at night… yes? Fresh juicy fruits of abundance, bless us so. May we survive, thrive and ride the liquid wave of clarity from infinity & beyond! Where’s the water, don’t forget to refill ~ did you? Setting intention of openness & exploratory adventures to manifest amongst the physical plane.
Enthenon Village next level – shall we warm. A bit of Yum Sauce for an early dessert – studying the build-a-tion foundation of a 2:00 & E paradise. Leave no trace, a lesson for later. Electronics stashed at our new home, for weight need not travel. Minty breath travels faster than the speed of light.
View to the side, she is present. What is this space – A Party On The Moon? Perhaps, enter Twlight – a projection of infinite possibilities, life in the micro/macrocosm. All operate collectively for survival, thrival and metaphysical alival. Energy builds slowly for it is day 1 ~ open the flood gates. Radiant beauty all around, a taste of the most decadent flavors in the middle of a desert.
Stroll towards center camp, connection with the tribe. Names of events fail to align in a lost mission up-in-dust. Some dizziness ensues, a question of bliss arises. We are not in the city of sin, a land of alkaline inhalation sand creating pipe-dreams, endless abundance & hearty manifestation. Art car to the left whispers colors of a endless night ride-sation. Technology is future-if-ic and Yes-I-Am out on the playa. Lost without destination, too much time, not enough water.
Away from what we know to be our transient home, we’re out to see the Man? One month of renewed virginity and abstinence – enter the pleasure & indulgence of NOW. Circular paths searching for tribe & event, alas a moment lost of presence. Self-induced purging & guilt for past challenges and failures – what is shame? Shame may be puking on the playa – is this appropriate? The land connected and was grateful to heal the human experience. Paranoia of undue nausea and sense of release on our home.
Why have I returned, what is this mess? A set up from the most intelligent people to entangle the world’s most creative, invoked populace to manifest a container for World-Gaiatary evolutionary consciousness? You’ll betcha, here we are. Perhaps I’ll never leave, an elaborate set-up. The playa owns my fate. Too many missing electrolytes and a subtle reminder to drink your holy water.
Docta down, in an illusion of dust and dreams – what were to happen in a complete egoic death? One highly intentional individual lost to the physical plane, a recycle of remittant energy. A continental cry and report for more order – would they all miss my contributions? Shall our race continue to plunge or will we revive ourselves to finally live in peace with our Mother Earth? Questions of irrelevance, it’s all over – planet screams, family cries, friends lost & colleagues question. Heart of purity, send me true – quick unto the river of blue, cast my shadow, hope to lie amongst the most fantabulous frequencies until my energy is recycled ~
A torture chamber, too much blood – an elaborate set-up, Elmer Fudd. A stretcher died, an older man sings, IV poison rings, rings, rings. Alas, let go – it’s time you’ve lost, a story missed and pang you’re hot ~
Consciousness, what is – a quiet man? Laid in Israeli cloaks, daggers sing. Expansion fortification, good hearted individuals caring for the dead. A reminder that freedom rings and life goes on, acceptance is the only progression for elevation, elation towards that which does not serve. Stories to share, years & years. Paper reports claim and diamond deers of electrolytes – some are radiant poison, others accepted.
Please keep Gator-ade away from me. Thanks!
Hop, Skip & Jump to a new reality. Refreshed, anew & full of vibrant life energy, it is only 4AM playa-time: team give appreciation for all you do! Question of virtue, lost in the land of Esplanade. Accept flow, simply walk. Be here NOW. Appreciation for all these lights, cameras & action.
Meeting with Big Mike. An art piece of recycled stained glass with lighted noble gases illuminated the desert night. A time for sleep brings a gift of friendship. He is Persian and he is cold. Searching for a bike pump with a heart of gold. His name is lost and memory preserved, camp Flow Breath – you will find him here. Salt rocks gifting the power of life exploded: the gift is ever returning in the form of a song. Played along a long stringed instrument, conveyed hints of a ukelyela.
(**Pics w/ Flow Breath**)
Tears of bliss lead to joy of the moment, this is the most beautiful NOW I can ever ask for. Long standing Persian brother, a great reminder of friendship. An endless exchange of huddle as we gather together. Flow on to the pier, here we go again – the nighorning leads to the wildest of beings to ever have a live S&M show overlooking the ocean at a Gift Shop. We don’t work here, no one ever does. You came at the right time – overlaying the pier, friends are fishing for playa goodies with lit LED weights.
He caught a beautiful fish! A return of acceptance per chance encounter for forgiveness. A chance for synchronicity to be, as it always remains. Quiet city return, perhaps a place to shut the eyes. Generous offer of exchange – deep tissue massage, opportunity for true restoration. Playa – manifest! Warm embrace, sharp recharge as the sun slowly arises – blankets, pillows and comfort; alas, a desire for a return “home”.
Parting words, exit tribal brother from SF. Nick is that you? A Vine Goddess, jarred & surprised – overthrilled with life and outcome, another brother survived. Welcome to your Rites of Passage, hold on tight – this may be the first chapter of the rest of your life. Gratitude, hasta luego & super love yay… may this burn be everything you need and yet so much more.
Exit Vine Goddess, Enter Creature Goddess. Spiritual team, the camp has not yet reached it’s full service. Camp Fractal leaders boy & girl, restless nights to the plur. On a slow pride ride home, and a bike manifested towards Harmonic Convergence. A morning chant, with thankful song – Israeli prayers never gone wrong. Awaken the pineal, much appreciation for that fact of stimulation. Flow Dancing in the morning, awaken the neighbors – foghorn. Angel Dust mixes us Virgin Bloody Marys of treasure to activate our bodies in real-time. Morning boogie and late to rise, gifted D batteries inflate my palace mattress.
Overstimulation moves the body in a manner crashing against the sea, stepping like a Kat in resonancy. Channel transmission of a holy dance, feel the heat and information of the playa spread – BMIR ~ we <3 you so!
Round deux begins NOW, a morning channel transmission in real-time. Varying frequencies Place recording here send messages from the beyond. This is BMIR radio in full, AM chants, prayers in Galactivation sequences.
Act as a vessel, it’s all we are – allow the body rest, RV gratitude – Time to rest. Hours for rest. Body is flabbergasted upon awakening – no balance like the new balance!
Moving as a unitY, the family is strong – here at camp; now 3 RVs deep. Setting up the Camo-shade structure… we’re here, at home. Whisper one week of exochronotime, resonates a shadow of the lifetime – right here, more NOW. Divine timing set up one last pole, contribution to the community down to the soul.
Burn 4Ever – the goal is moment laden. New friends, enter Special Forces Bill – heart of gold, the CHAMP-ion. Ride out to the beyond central – land of virgins, heart-warmers and fun-lovers. Rest, relaxation & timeless paradise. Refill of water, a bit of booty dancing on my pelvis. These are the times which are burnt into the sand – a reverberation of presence clasping in the heart.
Riding out in a sandy land, playing with Goddesses living in a Candy Land. Take a lick, appreciate them so – ride our bikes, flow flow flow ~ a bikini paradise and new open freedoms. Be who you are in the land of the free. And phree. Is this life, be open to the possibility? As a tribe, we discover the centre of Sacred Spaces. Search for Hana in Sacred Spaces now, endless journey & new beginnings. Pics of Sacred Spaces doors. Uniquely carved tables brings the cafe together. A conversation full of gifts brings the Amandala abreast, great laughs to share as experiences undress.  An exit strategy soon to follow lends a targeted gift to manifest. Lad in a kimono the day is now-won. WONNOW!
Reconvo, the group is now split – lost in the vortex of foundation gifts. Cruising and riding leads to Love Potion camp, a friend is not found as new ones are made. A pair of lovelies on a mission stop shortly to find a bag of electrolytes handed. Thank you for the story and lovely gifts, as we all travel on our separate roads to blissdom. En route to the Poly Asylum to understand “Nurturing Secondary and Play Buddy Relationships”
Falling asleep, my body needs rest – Pepper leads the course with some fans. Goddess of love, o waking breasts – how truly gorgeous you are from below & above surface. Quite the interactive experience – mind travels between waking/resting in delta-theta hybridization state, body fatigue uberly underbearably ~ the lessons resonate into my bio-DNA about loving from your truest self, with multiple relationships PRN… that’s Medical jargon for “as needed”. So much growth and healing to rest assured – grateful for all the Divine Feminine energy in my life. Riding back, hard to wake – a sand in time to collate – spin round in round in the desert wind: fine metallic dream-catchers fractaling energy beyond time/space.
Munching on desert snacks, alas it is time, tune into your own energy and rest, restore REVITALIZE. Your life is young and journeys perhaps sane – an early encampment home leads to family connects. Angel Dust calls and offers you a steak. Say yes! to the Universe. A trip next door, Three Vaginas and a Guy (name of the camp, I swear!) – a reconnection with tribal friends and journeying to last ~ some cuddling, amazing gourmet vegetable stir-fry  to lead the body right, a top of a Cow. Holy bliss whispers into the next round, it’s an early night – we call it Balance & Options ~
An early morning restoration, Docta is back in the game! The restroom is appreciated after some electrolyte & hydration rebalance 00000000000000———-0 Short trip into a long trip ~ young short Goddess in Full Face Mask, how can one moment change your life forever? Turn around and you have left for journeys in the beyond, may you burn in Divinity. Porta-Potty Pigs, oh how kind you are to share the abundance of cleanliness – gift to gates of beyond, El Keith & fellow pigs!
Miracle Berrys on Miracle Mile!
A short trip to the restroom turns into a long sensory tripcursion – what is a miracle berry? Miracle Berries are related to the Nick Berry, they have the ability to synthesize new flavors in previous unadultered foods – specifically the ability to alter all sour sensory into SWEET sugar like experiences – drop this tab onto your tongue and let it dissolve for 15 minutes. Now bite into this grapefruit – yes! Here is some dessert lime. All the sour sensories are temporarily paralyzed for about 1 hour and what is left is organic fruit yumminess which strengthens the immune system. Now I know!
Awake, perhaps time for a bike ride – NOTE: manifestation of bike upon the playa leads to increase of adventures per “time” capital. Optional mission – connect with friends from default world ~