Closing Out 2011

How can an individual describe an experience like life itself?  Earth Year 2011 has been quite a journey and proven to me that anything is possible.  From the conscious surrender of letting go of personal possessions and following my heart to follow my highest... read more

Hot Thoughts on H2O (Water)

How many ounces, cups or bottles of water have you drunk today?  This can sound to be a curious question, though its importance may be monumental in the progression of your health.  Did you know that both caffeinated & alcoholic drinks have more of a dehydrating... read more

Weekend At Lucidity Festival

What does it mean to give back to the community? Sometimes you have to give more than you believe you are capable of to get receive it all back ~ in new exciting ways: Without expectations and open to the infinite potential, life has spiraled magickal vortexes around... read more

Developing a Back Office – An “Online, Dr. Nick!”

I’m not a techie.  At least that’s what I think.  Truth is, I can play the internet game and build basic websites using “dummy-proof” programs like WordPress with excellent developers (ie. Chloe Bregman, Itom). It’s taken me 27 years of NOW to get to the point where... read more

Looking Back

2010 blew my mind with opportunities for possibilities.  Completing a pharmacist doctoral program at age 24, my cloudy intuition told me that my picture was incomplete.  2010 was a year for exploratory exploration in mind, body, sound, medicine, herbs, travel,... read more