Travel Adventures


Being blessed with numerous opportunities under my belt, I feel it is an honor to give back by sharing my experiences and the lessons which have been manifested as a result.  For surely, I frequently get found in the flow ~ So far you can read about:

It’s an honor to be able to share my stories with my heart-felt community.  If any of my stories have opened new space inside yourselves for new opportunities, my intention has been completed and shared.  Please feel free to send these stories out to your communities if you feel you have learnt something of value!  Should you feel like contributing back, I’d like to acknowledge that gesture is appreciated.  Each trip is quite costly and future trips are created (and later documented) when appropriate funding is invested away for the next adventure.  Your collective funds can help me bring an adventure of synchronicity & bliss to thousands of individuals!


If you feel inspired to help me give more to others through my writings, intentions, journeys & projects – financial donations can be made through by clicking the button above ~ your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you simply for being present on this planet, and helping others do the same!

~ Docta ~