Developing a Back Office – An “Online, Dr. Nick!”

I’m not a techie.  At least that’s what I think.  Truth is, I can play the internet game and build basic websites using “dummy-proof” programs like WordPress with excellent developers (ie. Chloe Bregman, Itom). It’s taken me 27 years of NOW to get to the point where my gifts may be clearly articulated and much energy to focus my Online presence as a sharp reflection.  One that has electronically challenged me and brought me joy throughout its development process.  It was important to have a clear articulation of the benefits of my products without making claims, to share my highlights of individual products just by simply reviewing my store.  Your support and feedback is ALWAYS welcomed, I pride myself in Jedi technology, Superfoods and Artisan-crafted Essential Oils: you are curious about WHAT I have been up to the past year, browse this website :-)Also, check out my other projects at:

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