“For magical elixirs the “Conscious Bartending” stand by Dr. Nick has become without a doubt one of my favorite spots to visit at festivals. Dr. Nick and his lovely lady Kiana Moon pour all of their love into serving us these uplifting tinctures. The conscious bar has traveled the festival circuit, offering natural flavored cocktails, herb and oil vaporization stations, specialized lotions, and super food supplements to elevate the body, mind, and soul. Using medical grade oils, all of Dr. Nick’s products offer something to enhance your health and mental state. Simply put, the beverages have an added touch of natural splendor without causing any clouding or stupor… in fact, I attest to the increase in levels of awareness.”

Lost In Sound

“Like a magical journey to Nick-Planet! Love!”

from Germany

“Hi Dr. Nick, I met you yesterday. You gave me a sample of the Pink Pepper for my knee.It actually worked very well it lasted a couple of hours, and I didn’t feel pain after it wore off. I slept very well the entire night. I did wake up with some pain on my knee, although, it wasn’t as much as usual.Thank you so much, it worked great. I absolutely loved it! Have a good night. –
“Nov. 11, 2012. VM from Los Angeles, CA”Hi Nick,Remember we met at Starbucks and I shared with u about the ion field toothbrush and blood root?  I wanted to make sure u had my contact info.My mouth felt clean after using the tooth oil, and I feel it’s a good product.
We have similar knowledge and interests, so please feel free to keep in touch.”

from Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the lotion I picked up at Lucidity! I’ve noticed a decrease in the swelling/pain at the surgical sites on my ankle. I’ve also been applying it to my face & it seems to be counteracting the effects of daily pollution. Have the time of your life in Amsterdam.”

from LA

“Dr. Nick is an awesome being! He is genius! So much fun in learning & being with him. Clear – open-hearted – generous & loving. Don’t miss out on being with Dr. Nick … EXPAND in the Love <3 Thank you Nick – you are AMAZING!”
Lesley Myburgh

Casa De La Gringa, Andean Wings Hotel & Another Planet Peru

One of the most magical days of my life! Sensory explosions in all dimensions.  Dr. Nick you’re amazing!!”

from England

“The Docta assisted me in healing my lungs from a stubborn cold – Oil of Oregano (pure and potent) inhaled from a hot pot fixed me up quickly….sending love and gratitude!”

from New York

I’ve been enjoying your Thursday lectures at the ADHC. You’ve got some great products and projects going on. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and samples.

from Los Angeles, CA

My name is LS and I am LC’s friend. I have been testing your sample-medicated lotion for one week. So far I’ve applied 3 different lotions on my left elbow, left knee and neck area.  I’ve pulled several tendons in my left knee and elbow due to the repetitive act of lifting my elderly mother that is wheelchair bound. The second product that was used on all 3 body parts was a product labeled docGreen’s Therapeutic Healing Cream: Cannabis & Vanilla and Cannabis & Lavender. My cream of choice, with the longest lasting and fastest acting pain relief, is Dr. Nick Berry’s special blend of herbs. Your product relieved the pain within few minutes and lasted approximately four hours.
LC and LS

from Los Angeles, CA

“How very interesting it was to learn about these essential oils in new & fascinating ways!  Nick is one of those rare individuals who come upon & generously share new & innovative ways of working with things we thought we already knew about. Inspiring, fascinating and above all else – fun! And you can take this with you & use it to make your life better – thanks, Nick!”

from Cusco, Peru

“Wonderful explosion of love, smells, fun & interesting things to learn. Thank you SO much, I love U Lots XXXX”

from England

“A friend of mine (mostly) cured my nasty cold and cough in a way that most people don’t realize is possible!!! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends :) I went to Docta Nick’s talk the other day to be supportive and check things out. During his talk, he discussed how he’d cured his phenomena using vaporized oregano oil. I ended up sick a few days ago, with the sickness turning into deep chest cough. So out of desperation I called him and asked for help, and ended up making an emergency trip to pick up a vaporizer and oil last night
Kiana Moon mixed me up some oil, Nick showed me the nuances of vaporizing it correctly (its tricky), and last night was the first night in three days that I didn’t wake up every few minutes with a coughing fit. At this point, after 2 treatments, I’d say that my coughing is down to about 1/4th frequency of the day before, despite that it had been on an increasing trajectory. Nick’s prediction was that after 4 treatments I’d be 80-85% over my cold symptoms by this evening when I have plans, so far so good!He also in the past gave me a solution to my chronic UTI problem, that had plagued me and cost me a lot of money, time, and pain for years.”

from California

It was great meeting you and the traveling pharmacy on Saturday night.
Your knowledge was inspiring and a great gift to my Saturday night.”

from Los Angeles, CA