Thanks for your interest in allowing me the privilege of serving to make your life more awesome.  My work enthralls me in many different forms – listed below is a description of my tools dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives.  Feel free to email to start working together at the speed of ~ NOW ~

Services Provided

  • Conscious Bartending
  • Custom Perfumery
  • Essential Oil Consultations
  • Essential Oil Wizardry Playshops
  • Herbal Infusions
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Intentional Group Hydrosol Ceremonies
  • Mind Hacking
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Vapor Lessons

Conscious Bartending

My social contribution to the world – infusing premier quality essential oils with global superfoods to increase vitality and creativity at events. Conscious Bartending integrates Artisan Distilled Essential Oils with an Herb/Oil Vaporization Station, serving Magick Elixirs & Homemade Sodas.  Clean your mouth & try our advanced oral care products and bring them home for regular use: Magick Mouthwash & Dr. Nick’s Natural Tooth Oil.  Invent yourself with Custom Perfumery or Specialized Lotions & Salves created uniquely for you.

Interested in having a Conscious Bartender provide high-level enjoyment at your venue? Email me with event details & see Conscious for more inspiration :-)

Custom Perfumery

I felt blessed to question how fortunate I am to be surrounded with some of the deepest and powerful scents in the world … as I open my refrigerator. Together, we can create a recipe based on your intentions and favorite fragrances to develop a concentrate you to apply or blend into perfumer’s alcohol for a long-lasting cologne/perfume.  The result will be documented and kept on-file so you may later order another batch, if the time rolls around!

This service includes:

  • Phone/Skype/In-Person (availability) Consultation (includes up-to 4 oils to combine into blend)
  • 4 ounces of personalized “Alchemy in a Bottle” of (Cologne / Perfume customized for YOU)
  • Up to 10 mL (~ 200 drops) of Fragrance Concentrate solution for your own mixing purposes
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

3 Options include:

  • Basic Alchemy (combination of 2-3 oils)
  • Standard Alchemy (3-5 different oils)
  • Premium Alchemy (Combination of up to 7 oils w/ premium oils available (ie. precious oils with high costs including Rose, Jasmine, Melissa, etc.)

See Custom Perfumery Testimonials here.

Custom Perfumery Service Cost:

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Essential Oil Consultation

Dr. Nick has blessed and held space for thousands of individuals in clinics, pharmacies, social events, on trains, internationally and between festivals.  Working with stock of over 80 essential oils, vaporizers and the ability to blend, your goals are obtainable with assisted in-depth guidance.

This service includes:

  • Phone/Skype/In-Person (based on availability) Consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • $100 Credit toward Recommended oils
  • Products you find value in will ship within 48 hours of consultation
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Service Cost: $150 ($100 credit applied to your selected products, $50 for Consultation)


Essential Oil Wizardry [Playshop]

Internationally acclaimed interactive playshop combining alchemy, neurotransmitters, exotic essential oils, chocolate, hydrosols, vaporizers, Magick Mouthwash and Dr. Nick’s Tooth Oil, homemade soda & elixirs w/ education you can feel.  Get high on life and experience learning in a somatic mannerism which will change your life!  Playshops have inspired worldwide travelers in America, Peru ~ a playshop has been scheduled for England in 2013.

Read testimonials here :-)

Playshop Admission is $99/person (about 6 hours of activity [1-2 days]; includes supply costs & a gift to each participant) with a minimum of 11 attendees.  Care to organize an event in your city and attend for no cost to you?  Simply email and let me know the intention & details.  I’m happy to provide a 10% donation in products for organizers at the end of a successful Playshop!

  • ~ $500 Deposit due at Booking Time ~
  • Travel Expenses & Private Lodging must be covered
  • Balance Due on Arrival
Playshop Includes
  • Basic Info on Essential Oils Safety and Application
  • Discuss +/- 20 Artisan Distilled EO’s
  • Discuss “Intelligent Alchemy”
  • Clean your palette with Natural Tooth Oil (.com) Oral Tooth Care Products
  • Education on homemade salves
  • Homemade sodas/elixirs
  • Vaporize Essential Oils using Essential VAAAPP with guidance
Experience may include (set/setting/time dependent)
  • May include vegan EO infused lunch or snack
  • Immersive Essential Oil Infused Chocolate Experience
  • Sacred Hydrosol Ceremony
All Attendee’s will Receive
  • Gifted bottle of essential oil for each attendee (to continue the magick at home!)
  • Offer for reduced cost vaporizers ($50) offered and valid for 24 hours at the end of event
~ All presented by the most awesome pharmacist ever! ~ :-)

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Herbal Infusions

Ever considered plant-alchemy to take your inspiration to the next level? For several years, I’ve been experimenting with custom herbal blends and infusing Artisan Distilled Essential Oils to shift the fragrance, flavor and therapeutic benefits.  The results have been nothing short of breath-taking and humbling… an application of science & nature, truly some phenomenal treats manifest!

Care to try?  Glassware, mason jars, your favorite herbs/spices and several days are necessary for optimum results.  Email me your thoughts and we can discuss your creative endeavor regarding the practicality or potential successes of this infusion.

Minimum $250 Investment Up-Front & Travel Expenses Reimbursed

Price for Infusion: $50/Jar (up to gallon-sized)

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Holistic Life Coaching

My purpose is to inspire, elevate and intrigue people to possibilities of advancement, wellness & joy.  Utilizing a wide-array of tools to assess & empower, imagine a check-up focused on your Wellness.  Causal dialogues about diet and nutritional supplementation, intended goals (what & when), honest discussion about resources, your expectations with an accountability buddy!

Incorporating ideas to inspire your growth, infusing nutritional supplements to charge your body and viewing your present set of opportunities/challenges, collectively we guide you to an empowered self.  We can incorporate Artisan Distilled Essential Oils, organic herbs, superfoods and other advantagous goodies to shift you into a more positive place.  Learn how to fire your synapses and bless your brain/body naturally.

This is a one-month opportunity to work via phone, skype or in-person (when in local geography) to shift your reality into an even more awesome one.  A non-invasive collaboration to create a healthy, happier YOU.

This service includes:

  • Phone/Skype/In-Person (based on availability) Consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • 4 Weekly Conversations (up to an hour, each)
  • $100 Credit included toward Recommended Oils/Products from our online store
  • Products Shipped within 48 Hours
  • Only 3 Individuals Coached Each Month, to focus on YOU :-)
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Service Cost: $497

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Intentional Group Hydrosol Ceremonies ~ (minimum 11 people)

Up to three hydrosols will be shared within the group to explore consciousness and healing the heart.  A safe ceremonial space (private residence or natural landmark) will be required to host this experience, one of relaxed splendor and deep inner-connection.  Set aside a two-hour window for this group experience!

Hydrosol options include:

  • Frankincense
  • Helichrysum
  • Jasmine
  • Golden Champa
  • Red Rose Hydrosol
**Based on Availability**
  • Orange Floral Water (Neroli)
  • Tuberose
  • White Rose Hydrosol

Set the space, be the host:  $55/person

~ $550 Deposit due at Booking Time ~

“Local” Travel Expenses May Be Covered :-)

Natural Tooth Oil

Custom oral care products designed to supplement your hygiene in days of fast paced life-style. Easy to apply Tooth Oil can be applied with or without toothbrush and allows brushing to be simple and clean!  Using our Magick Mouthwash, you can mix fresh mouthwash anywhere you travel for a healthy clean.  We hope you enjoy our oral care products as much as we do – buy them at our online store and learn more at


Speaking Engagements

Coming soon… Dr. Nick’s 2013 Schedule!  Email to book today


What is Jedi Technology?

Experience a world of interactive play with essential oils, herbs and nutrition supplementation using herbal infusion & vaporizers and custom formulated products for YOU.  It’s an honor to inspire and rewire ~

What is Mind Hacking?

Get turned onto free resources which have added value to my life including Emotional Freedom Techniques, basics of sound entrainment & other ideas to turn you ON.  These ideas & references are provided alongside of Holistic Life Coaching Package.