Looking Back

2010 blew my mind with opportunities for possibilities.  Completing a pharmacist doctoral program at age 24, my cloudy intuition told me that my picture was incomplete.  2010 was a year for exploratory exploration in mind, body, sound, medicine, herbs, travel, expansion, meditation and possibilities.  Infinite possibilities.  Burning Man may be appreciated as one major development for 2010 – to see a community & a culture develop in a whole new way… and build from that ground up.  This year defined my conscious decision to live a grandeur life: one with openness, exquisite simplicity – simply having as much pleasure as I can living my dreams, while helping others do the same.

2010 I had sharp visions of this model for living, BEING sustainable.  Knowing the capability of the mind and human intellect, I recognized my life had the privilege of manifesting as I chose.  The end of the year left me with the insight of my importance to elevate the current medical marijuana model into one with standards, greater focus & respect.  “How” was left into my creativity… as I did research I found that the medical model was greatly disconnected with the medical marijuana model.  Having friends who were starting a laboratory around Berkeley at the time, I felt inspired to discover how I can add value to millions of lives.

Living out of my car (with about $8k in savings) in SF & LA, I knew it was not a matter of if – just a matter of when.  My roles & responsibilities were highly precise and I have so much gratitude for the MAPS conference in LA at the end of the year for opening up those doors of probability for me in 2011 – Wide.

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